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Desire to do well

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About our school

Welcome to Edgeworth Public School, a proud school with a long history of providing quality education since 1891. The school is situated on a spacious site on the north western region of Lake Macquarie servicing the communities of Cameron Park and Edgeworth. 

Our school has a population of approximately 640 students and offers large playgrounds, sporting fields, covered outdoor learning areas, courtyards, climbing equipment and gardens which provide opportunities for students to engage in a wide variety of sporting, creative and environmental activities to foster student wellbeing and reinforce a healthy lifestyle. 

Edgeworth Public School is well equipped with quality classrooms and resourced by a wireless computer network system with an extensive range of devices to support future-focused learning, including LED interactive boards and mobile learning pods. The school has a dedicated computer laboratory, Aboriginal resource centre, multifunctional community hall and an onsite preschool.

Our students are supported with a curriculum differentiated for their needs and are provided with learning opportunities which are both engaging and creative. Our school culture is strengthened through Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL), reinforcing core values of respect, responsibility and learning; it promotes innovation and individual success and celebrates achievement. Strong local connections and involvement in a variety of networks including the Innovation, Inspiration and Learning Alliance (IILA) additionally support improved student learning outcomes. 

Edgeworth Public School offers extremely dedicated, professional and caring teachers who provide extensive learning and enrichment experiences. There is an emphasis on the development of literacy and numeracy skills and these are integrated across Key Learning Areas. Additional opportunities include dance, drama, choral choir, signing choir, debating, public speaking, creative arts, drumming, environmental groups and sporting opportunities. 

A highly valued partnership exists between the school and its community. Parents participate in a wide variety of school activities including class activities, school sport and canteen along with genuine decision making opportunities by being involved with the Parents & Citizens' Association (P&C).

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our school community.

Edgeworth Public School Song

 C. Leane and M. Scully


Wide open spaces, lined with gum trees full and free.

Playgrounds filled with laughter, together you and me.

We're leaders of the future, working hand in hand,

Together, making a difference for our nation and our land.

With respect and fairness, and responsibility.



Desire to do well, the motto we declare.

Proud to fly our flag,

We are Edgeworth Public School.



With colours dancing red and black, beneath the golden sun,

The stars are where our goals are and we'll reach them one by one.

Learning beyond our potential, achieving quality,

Partners in our strengths, supporting community.

With care, integrity and cooperation.

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