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The school will administer some medications based on the following conditions:

When your child has been prescribed antibiotics to be administered three times per day, we request that you administer one dose at home before school, the second dose at home at the end of school and the third at night time. If your doctor has prescribed four doses per day we are happy to assist.

If your child requires medication at school (even self-administered) parents must supply detailed written instructions. In some cases information from the doctor is required, along with the signing of an indemnity form, before staff can accept responsibility. However, the onus for remembering to come to the office generally remains with the child.

Prescribed medicines should be delivered (preferably by a parent) to the school office, with a note from parents giving permission to administer medicine, as well as the dosage required. Medications are NOT to be kept in children's bags. For safety reasons, we only allow a limited supply of any drug to be on hand at any time. Analgesics (aspirin or medicine containing salicylates) must not be brought to school. They are subject to special regulation.

If your child is allergic to bee stings or any foods it is essential that you contact us directly so we can establish a health care plan to ensure appropriate action is taken in an emergency.

If your child is an asthmatic requiring special attention we request that you contact the school and complete an Asthma Action Plan for our guidance. Students are permitted to carry a bronchodilator on their person.