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Breakfast Club

The aim of the Edgeworth Public School Breakfast Club is to provide a happy, welcoming place at the start of the school day where all students are valued and to provide students who regularly miss breakfast with a healthy and nutritious start to the day. Students who do not have fruit are offered a selection of fruit during their in-class fruit break.

Opening times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8:30 – 9:00am.

Breakfast will stop being served at 9:00am to ensure students are at lines on time ready for class. 

Venue: Residence (Konara House) 

On the Menu:



Rice Bubbles

2 Slices of toast with a choice of spreads


Milo (might be discontinued though)

Supervision and Coordination

Amielle Waters and Haley Bynon – Teachers

Scott Luschwitz – AEW

The above will work together along with other staff members and volunteers to ensure the safe running and organisation of the club.