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What to bring

What do children bring to preschool?

A water bottle.

A sun-safe hat for outdoor play, similar to the ones illustrated. Baseball style caps are not suitable for preschool as they provide no covering for the ears and neck.

A small library bag in order to borrow a book from our collection for home reading.

A spare set of underwear and clothes suitable for the weather and seasonal conditions.

A yoga mat and small sheet or blanket.

Please label children's belongings so we can return lost property.

What do children wear to preschool?

Summer clothing needs to be sun-safe, with back and shoulders covered.

Closed in shoes or sandals help children to climb and run safely. Thongs, slip on or platform shoes are unsuitable for vigorous play at preschool.

Older clothes are a good idea for preschool so children can explore the program without worrying about keeping new clothes from getting dirty or wet.

Please label clothes brought to preschool so lost property can be returned.

What do children eat at preschool?

"Get Up and Grow" recommends that, as a guide, foods should contain less than:

  • 20 g fat per 100 g
  • 15 g sugar per 100g
  • 600 mg salt per 100g

Food which does not meet these guidelines will be sent home for afternoon tea and a healthier alternative offered.  Parents are requested to use these dietary guidelines when choosing foods for preschool meals.

Morning tea:  fruit, cheese, carrot sticks, plain savoury biscuits, yoghurt are suitable.

Lunch:  sandwich, bread roll, wrap or plain crackers, fruit and drink (water or unflavoured, low-fat milk).

Please prepare food in a way that children can manage independently.

When children have a birthday you are welcome to bring cupcakes to share with the group.  Please inform staff a few days before so arrangements can be made to cater for children with food allergies.

Due to the high incidence of peanut and related allergies in today's society, parents are requested to avoid sending nut-based foods to preschool e.g. peanut butter, Nutella, nuts or food prepared in peanut oil.