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Pickup, parking and going home

Early collection of students

To ensure the safety of all students parents and carers are required to present at the office where they are to notify staff of all children that are being collected. A phone call will then be made to the classroom teacher and arrangements will be made for the child to come to the office for collection.

* This process comply with NSW Department of Education Duty of Care and Work Health and Safety Procedures.

School buses

Edgeworth Public School is serviced by 4 bus runs in the morning and 4 bus runs in the afternoon.

For more information on the School Buses can be found at the CDC buses website and our school buses page.

School crossing supervisor

Here at Edgeworth Public Schools, we are very lucky to have the lovely "Kim" as our "Lollipop Lady". She helps students use the zebra crossings, adjacent to the main gates on Oakville Road. You will find Kim at the zebra crossing between 8am - 9.20am and 2.30pm - 3.30pm. Please ensure you say hello and thank you.

Kiss and ride zones

Edgeworth Public School has 2 designated Kiss and Ride Zones which are designed for your convenience and for your child's safety. Both are located on Oakville Road, outside the main school gates and operate between 8am - 9.30am and 2.30pm - 4pm.  

These are designed for quick entry and exit, the zones minimise congestion and risk when used properly by all parents and carers. These zones operate under the same conditions as no parking zones, which means you may stop to drop off or pick up children for a maximum of 2 minutes. You're required to remain in, or within 3 metres of, your vehicle.

For more information on Kiss and Ride Zones, click here.