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School Hours

School bells are indicated with a 5 second trill, followed by a short sound clip and a following 5 second trill. 

Morning Supervision

8.40am - 9.10am

Morning Session

9.10am - 11.10am


11.10am - 11.40am

Middle Session

11.40am - 1:25pm

Lunch – Eating Time

1.25pm - 1.40pm

Lunch - Play

1.40pm - 2.10pm

Afternoon Session

2.10pm - 3.10pm

Supervision of pupils

Students are supervised in the school grounds between 8.45am and the commencement of lessons at 9.10am, recess at 11.10am – 11.30am and during the lunch period of 1.30pm till 2.10pm.

Parents/carers are advised that there is no supervision of students prior to 8.45am and that children are not permitted to remain in the school grounds after the close of school.  Students are required to come directly to school in the morning and go directly home in the afternoon. Students arriving before 8.45am are required to sit in the playground under the Primary COLA. 

In no circumstances should they be involved in games or play on the equipment. The fixed equipment is out of bounds unless a teacher is directly supervising this activity.