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Policies and Procedures

***Please be aware, these policies are currently being updated and will be added once the new policies are completed***

Educators at Edgeworth Public School Preschool are committed to ongoing improvement and progress towards the National Quality Standard. 

Accordingly, Department of Education policies and school procedures are documented which govern the administration and operation of the centre.  These are available for families to access and view on request at any time.

The following documents outline additional information with regard to the operation of the preschool. Each contains important information and should read through carefully.

Child Safe Environment information

Arrival and Departures

Emergency Evacuation Procedures


Administration of First Aid

Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness

Dealing with Infectious Disease

Dealing with Medical Conditions

Administration of Medication

Nutrition, food, beverages and Dietary Requirements

Physical activity and small screen recreation

Sleep and Rest

Sun Protection

Water Safety


Acceptance and refusal of authorisations

Complaints Process

Enrolment Procedures

Governance and Management

Interactions with Children

Payment of Fees

Transition to school