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The Program

The educators at our preschool believe early learning is significant as it lays the foundation for lifelong learning. We aim to provide a high quality educational program in a warm and friendly environment. We provide experiences that stimulate curiosity, challenge children to solve problems and encourage them to make choices in their play.

We have a child centred curriculum that follows the ideas, thoughts and skills of the children. The content of our preschool curriculum is developed in response to the daily observations of the children's ideas, knowledge and play. Based on this information, we program new experiences and/or add resources to extend their ideas and further all areas of their development.

Our preschool program and curriculum is influenced by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This framework is the national curriculum for all early childhood services across Australia. Fundamental to the EYLF is a view of children's lives as characterised by belonging, being and becoming.

Edgeworth Public School Preschool has a unique play based learning environment that promotes children's learning and development through experimentation, trial and error, watching, listening and participating.

Our programs are designed to improve your child's deveopment in the following key areas:

  • Language, literacy and numeracy skills, such as reading stories and counting objects;
  • Independence and self-confidence;
  • Social skills, such as hot to play with other children in a calm, sharing and rewarding way;
  • Self awareness and respect for others;
  • Emotional skills, such as understanding their own feelings and those of others;
  • A joy for learning and group activities, such as talking, singing, dancing, drawing and making thing together with other children their own age;
  • Ability to make new friends;
  • Exposure to new ideas and concepts.

We value a sense of belonging and identity and embrace the expertise that all of our families bring to the preschool.

Families are invited to share information about their traditions, celebrations and language with preschool staff and children.

The EPS Family Handbook provides families with information about the preschool program.